$16 785 For projects réalizations in the 4 campus of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles

Responding to a call for projects launched in the spring by the Cornélius-Brotherton Foundation, members of the staff of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles innovated through the quality, variety and dynamism of the projects proposed.

In view of the pandemic, trips and internships abroad were not authorized for CEGEP students and staff. Despite everything, ten projects were thus submitted under the 3 components
of the financial support program:

• innovation in study programs,
• improvement of student life on campus,
• student mobility in the province

The areas of intervention of the proposals submitted to the analysis committee were diversified. These initiatives targeted objectives as varied as the outdoors, aquarism, student anxiety, forestry, experimentation with vegetable crops, badminton and inter-campus or provincial exchanges. Following the recommendations from the analysis committee, the Foundation decided to contribute financially to the realization of the ten projects submitted for a total amount of $ 16,785. Here is a table of the selected projects:





Program or service



Badminton shuttle cock

Student life

$2 000

All students
Explanatory interview as a pedagogical approach

Program of studies


AEC in Specialized Education


I The improvised aquarist: A series of interactive online presentations

Student life





Opening of a student café on campus

Student life

$2 850

All students

Regional Tournament of Student Entrepreneur Clubs of Eastern Quebec

Student mobility


Club members

Week for humanity and society

Student’s life

$2 000

Social sciences and philosophy

Establishment of a network of permanent plots in the teaching forest

Program of studies



Outdoor group for women (PAF) in TTA

Student life

$2 400

Adventure tourism

Magdalen Islands


Zen programming

Student life

$ 1 900

Islands Campus and possibly other campuses

Pedagogical vegetable garden

Student’s life

$2 400

Young madelinots

Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton is very pleased to promote realizations improving student’s life at the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Upgrading educational, sporting and cultural activities is a notable addition to the actual range of possibilities.

For a thirteenth consecutive year, such a financial aid is granted to a wide variety of projects.

Beeing part of our financial support program, 217 projects from the four campuses have, since 2008, received   $452 297.