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Great little books

The library is extremely proud to present two new series of great little books.

The first is a collection of the classics, beautifully edited in small cloth bound books, with gilt edging.

Rediscover Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more. Great literature is all the more enjoyable in these wonderfully crafted little gems!

The second series is a collection of fun graphic novels with an innovative approach to serious subjects such as Nietzsche, Sartre or Aristotle; logic, ethics or capitalism - even Buddha!

Come and discover our great little books!



Star Trek at 50

Fiction meets fact

Bob Macdonald

This week, science fiction fans celebrated a half century since the intrepid crew of Starship Enterprise set out on what started as a five-year voyage into the unknown, and ended up a long-lived and very prosperous franchise. Ten years later, CBC's Quirks & Quarks began chronicling incredible changes in real science and technology, many predicted in the science fiction series.

Read all about it on the Quirks and Quarks blog



Understanding Attawapiskat

As a state of emergency is declared in the isolated First Nation of Attawapiskat, following a spate of suicide attempts, watch Alanis Obomsawin's feature doc about the community's ongoing housing crisis.


Source: NFB on Facebook.

Great news!

We now have access to, on campus and off-campus via the library portal.

What does have to offer? gives teachers and students streaming access to the best in educational video and audio from CBC and Radio-Canada. You'll find documentaries from television and radio, news reports and more — all available with a single subscription!  Our collection features thousands of programs and hundreds of teacher resource guides carefully curated to support provincial K-12 curricula and post-secondary courses across the country.  Source:

Check it out, you'll be astonished at the variety of content!

Canada Reads 2015

Did you enjoy this year's debates? Are you curious to read the books that were discussed? Here is one of the titles to pique your interest:

The Inconvenient Indian: A curious account of Native people in North America

by Thomas King.

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