Canada Reads 2015

Did you enjoy this year's debates? Are you curious to read the books that were discussed? Here is one of the titles to pique your interest:

The Inconvenient Indian: A curious account of Native people in North America

by Thomas King.


No matter how you frame Native history, the one inescapable constant is that Native people in North America have lost much. We've given away a great deal, we have had a great deal taken away from us, and if we are not careful, we will continue to lose part of ourselves - as Indians, as Cree, as Blackfoot, as Navajo, as Inuit - with each generation. But this need not happen. Native cultures aren't static. They're dynamic, adaptive, and flexible, and for many of us, the modern variations of older tribal traditions continue to provide order, satisfaction, identity, and value in our lives. More than that, in the five hundred years of European occupation, Native cultures have already proven themselves to be remarkably tenacious and resilient.

(Source: p. 265-266).