The library has the mandate to support the educational project of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des îles. The internal clients of the library are the students, teachers and personnel of the Cégep and of Groupe Collegia. The library also offers loan privileges to residents of the Greater Gaspé area.


The library’s collection includes:

  • 45,000 print documents;
  • 3,000 audiovisual and multi-media documents;
  • 120 subscriptions to learned and cultural periodicals (See the periodicals list

These documents are catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal classification.  To search the collection, consult our automated catalog: Regard.

For internal clients, the library also offers access to the following electronic resources: 

  • Érudit, a platform of learned and cultural periodicals, books and university theses, most of which are available in full text. Language : French with some English documents;
  • Repère, Francophone periodical index of articles published in Québec, Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland;
  • Eureka, database of print and other media sources, offering over 80 million articles in full text. Languages : French and English;
  • Universalis, online French language encyclopedia;
  • Britannica, online English language encyclopedia;
  • L’État du monde, online encyclopedia with geopolitical, historical and statistical information on the world’s regions and countries. Language : French;
  • CVE, educational video collection. Language : French with some English videos;
  • NFB Campus : a selection of the National Film Board’s productions. Language : French and English;
  • EduMedia, collection of interactive simulations and videos for science students. Language : French.

For more information on these resources, see our Electronic Resources Guide.

Document lending.

Internal library users can borrow printed and audio-visual documents from the collection. External library users can borrow books. For detailed information on loan privileges, please see our Loan policy.

Inter Library Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) allows users to borrow print documents (books or periodical articles) from other libraries.

Many libraries charge ILL fees. The Cégep library will cover these fees for the students and teachers of the Cégep and Groupe Collegia. External users will have to cover themselves the cost of the fees.

Course Reserves

Teachers can put on reserve documents necessary for their courses. These documents must be consulted in the library, to ensure equal access for all students to the recommended material.


Are you having difficulty in starting your research project?

The librarian can help students and teachers of the Cégep and Groupe Collegia clarify research questions and determine the best resources to consult. For more information, contact us.

Library skills training

To help students familiarise themselves with the different resources available at the library, we offer library skills training.

Introductory training workshops are offered in the first session to all new students. These workshops are tailored to the students’ programmes.

If you need further training, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Computers and Internet access

Eight workstations connected to the internet are available for the students.

Two workstations connected to the internet are available for the public at large.

Wifi access is offered to all students and Cégep employees everywhere in the library.

Copying and printing

Students can print documents from the library’s workstations. At the beginning of each school year, each student is allotted five dollars in their printing account. Each printed sheet debits five cents from that account.

To add printing credits, please see the print shop, in room R-27e.

There is a photocopier available for all users. The cost is ten cents per copy. Users must make their own copies and ensure that they respect copyright.

For external users, printing or copying costs are ten cents per page.


The library has one medium-sized and one small workroom for teamwork. There are also team workrooms available on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Cégep. These workrooms can be reserved at the circulation desk. In case of a workroom not being claimed within 15 minutes of the reserved time, it can be attributed to another group.