Did you know that the English Section of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles offers programs in both French and English? There are a number of opportunities available to students who wish to have an immersion experience.

Enrolment in a French-language program

Students who wish to enroll in the following programs and take all their courses in French by applying for admission to the French-language sector.

Pre-university programs

Tremplin DEC

Arts, lettres et communication

Sciences de la nature

Sciences humaines

Technology programs

Archives médicales

Comptabilité et gestion

Éducation à l'enfance

Éducation spécialisée

Électronique industrielle


Maintenance industrielle

Soins infirmiers

Technologie forestière

Travail social

Tourisme d'aventure

Tailor-made immersion

A variety of partial immersion opportunities are available to students, depending on the programs in which they are enroled.

Students enroled in Social Science or Natural Science

Students enroled in the Social Science or Natural Science programs can choose the courses they wish to take in French.

Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • Students can take all their courses in one or more immersion terms.
  • Students can take only their general education courses, or only the courses associated with their major in immersion.
  • Students can take a few courses of their choice in immersion.
Students enroled in Adventure Tourism Technology

Students enroled in Adventure Tourism Technology can take their major courses in English and take the rest of their general education courses in French.

Students enroled in Forest Technology or Industrial Maintenance Technology

Students enroled in Forest Technology can take their general education courses in English but must take their major courses in French.

Other programs

Students enroled in other programs at the Gaspé Campus can take their courses in immersion according to individual, made-to-measure plans. For more information about available opportunities, contact:

Samuel Pelletier, Student Advisor
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Individual support

Students who enroll in immersion enjoy individual support from their teachers and can get help at the Assistance Centre and via Peer Tutoring. The Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement also contains special provisions regarding the correction of assignments produced by immersion students.

"For allophone clientele and students enroled in immersion programs, 10% of the total number of points will be allocated to language quality during the first year of study, but students will be allowed to recover this 10% entirely it they correct their assignments within five days. During the second year of study, a total of 10% is still allocated for language quality. Immersion students can recover up to half of the points (5%) if they make the required corrections. During the third year of studies, all students are subject to the same rule.

For exams written in class, no language quality-related penalties are imposed on allophone and immersion students and they may use a translation dictionary."

Am I able to take courses in immersion?

Any student can take courses in immersion with the support provided by the College, your personal student advisor can help you put together a personal immersion plan.