Step 2 : School fees and living Expenses

All students going to a college must pay tuition fees according to their status in Québec. Students who are Residents of Québec must pay tuition fees that vary from one college to another. They are generally about $100 CDN per semester.

If you are a student from another Canadian province, you must add tuition fees of $1,257.00 per semester. There are 2 semesters per year.

If you are a student from another country (except France), the fees are as follows:


Amounts per session
(full time)

Amounts per hour
(part time)

Pre-university education
Human techniques
Administrative techniques

$5,096.00 $

$24.78 $

Physical techniques
Fine arts techniques

$6,597.00 $

$32.14 $

Biology techniques

$7,899.00 $

$38.43 $