Step 3 : Excellence bursaries and school fees exemptions

Excellence bursaries

The goals of the Excellence Bursary Program for foreign students enrolled in technical programs are to support the internationalization of Québec college educational institutions, and to encourage the best international students to enroll in technical programs, and to encourage maintain an extensive technical program offer in the regions.

The program is also a way for the ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) to participate in creating a new economic space for Québec and to contribute to reaching government objectives  concerning international relations, immigration, employment, and economic and regional development.

For more information, go to Cegep international Website

School Fee Exemptions

The exemptions are for students from any country where supplementary school fees are applied and who are enrolled full time in a program leading to a technical DEC. To be eligible for an exemption, students must meet all requirements allowing them to obtain a DEC at the end of their studies in Québec.

However, as students are considered eligible for school fee exemptions not on the basis of how long their stay in Québec is, but rather, as to whether they meet all requirements for obtaining a DEC, they can be exempted for a period under 3 years, as long as they are aiming to obtain a DEC at the end of their stay.

Students can possibly get an exemption for the normal duration of a technical program, that is, no more than three years, in order for the exemption to last throughout the duration of the program. To do this, students must demenstrate passing academic results.

Students benefit from an exemption, pay the other fees applying to Québec students as well as the health and hospitalization insurance premium for international students in cégeps and private colleges ($646 for the 2012-2013 school year).

For more information, go to Cégep international.