Financial assistance

The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles has an in-house financial assistance office to serve the student clientele at all of its campuses. The person in charge at each office can assist students by phone, MOI or video conference call.

Each campus has video conferencing equipment the students can use to speak confidentially with the institution’s financial assistance manager.

Students can contact one of the following people to set up an appointment or obtain financial assistance:



Room et extension number (#)

Institution code

List of educational institution codes and program codes


Germain Thibault

L-107 - #1365



Daniel Larochelle


L-210 - #4111

900005 College courses

001600 VTT courses


Zoé Litalien

L-207 - #7254


Les Îles

Anne-Christine Loiseau

L-109 - #6325


The CÉGEPGIM institutional student financial assistance manager

  • Informs and assists students in their efforts to obtain financial support via the loans and bursaries program. She mainly uses the Omnivox portal as a communication tool. It is very much in the students' interest to use the documents and files section of the Financial Aid/ Loans and bursaries/ Accident Insurance community.
  • Informs students about the loans and bursaries program’s eligibility requirements;
  • Evaluates financial assistance;
  • Helps students when the time comes to:

Complete their financial assistance applications and various other forms,

Identify their student category and provide them with evidence of their status as independent

        (self-supporting) students,

Transmit the documents in their files,

  • Assists parents – spouses – sponsors when the time comes for them to complete their declarations;
  • Provides information about some expenses for which claims need to be presented to the student financial assistance office (expenses for the purchase of visual aids, medical costs, expenses associated with the lack of public transit, required short-term internships)
  • Provides information about programs, measures, and rights that can be obtained at the student financial assistance office (repayment, deferred payment plan, loan remission program, Explore program, appeals and remedies.)
  • Informs students about the various bursaries they can apply for via the Omnivox portal (financial assistance community) or the College website.


Useful links

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Explanatory videos

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Eligibility Period

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Confirmation of Financial Resources

Assessment Simulator

Debt Limit

Special Needs Program

Changes to Your Situation


Tax Slips

Student financial assistance department :  QUÉBEC OFFICE  1 877 643-3750