Registrar's Office

 The Registrar’s Office is where students – past and current – may obtain official documents.

Academic transcripts

The collective agreement gives teachers five days after the end of exams to submit their evaluations. Term transcripts are issued two or three days later. Students can access their transcripts via Omnivox from that time on.

To obtain an official copy of your transcript

Go to the Registrar’s Office, Room 110, between 8 am and 4 pm. A small fee will be charged. Please bring the address of the place where you wish us to send your transcript.


Graduates receive terminal transcripts indicating that they have completed their program once the student advisor has finished analysing their records.

These records have generally been fully processed by mid-June in the case of programs that end with the winter term and in early February if the program ends in the fall term. If any courses were taken at another college institution or via a commandite, this process can take longer.  If a student takes and passes English Exit Exam after the end of the program, this will also affect the date on which the terminal transcript is issued. Once a month, the Executive Committee approves the list of graduates.

We then submit all files to MELS which is responsible for printing the official diplomas that we receive a month later. As soon as we receive them, we send them by registered mail to the graduates together with a letter from college administation.

We keep a copy of your terminal transcript, signed by the Dean, in your record in our archives.

To obtain an official copy of your diploma

Contact the Registrar’s Office by e-mail, phone or in person and present official proof of your identity.

Certificate of school attendance

You can obtain an unofficial copy of your school attendance via OMNIVOX.

To obtain an official certificate of school attendance

Go to the Registrar’s Office.

Change of address and email

If you change your address while at College, you must notify us so we can update your file. If you do not let us know your new coordinates, you may fail to receive some of the documents you need to continue your studies.

Use the OMNIVOX portal to change your address.

Income tax slips

To obtain your income tax slips, you have to enter your social insurance number via the Omnivox portal by February 28. The slips will be available via Omnivox after this date.

Registrar’s Office – Contact information

Gaspé Campus
96 Rue Jacques-Cartier, Room 110
Gaspé (Québec) G4X 2S8
418-368-2201, ext. 1400
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Office hours

Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm