Environment and forest resources 190.3B

Technical sheet

Diploma: Technical

Duration: 3 years

Quota: no

Placement rate: 89 %

Mean initial salary: $ 17.30/hr

Offered at: English Section

DCS-B. Sc.
Co-op program

DCS-B. Sc.

In just six years instead of eight, get your DEC and BAC in Sciences forestières at the Université de Moncton, Edmunston Campus or UNB.


Reduceed schedule if you have a DEP in Aménagement de la forêt, Aménagement de la faune or Sylviculture.

Co-op program

Two paid 10-week summer internships

Description of program

To study forests, you have to be in a forest! That is what you can do at the Gaspé Campus. When you take these courses, you work on forest cultivation, resource management, environmental monitoring, forest disease and insect management, fire prevention, forest esearch, and territory management using computerized cartography.

Choosing to study here

  • A teaching and research forest, with a cabin, hiking trails, and forest lab facilities.
  • Specialized courses in geomatics and integrated forest resource management, with applied practical field work.

General admission conditions

To be eligible for college, you have to meet the following conditions:

Hold a secondary school diploma or hold a secondary school vocational diploma and have successfully completed the following courses:

  • Language of Instruction – Secondary 5
  • Second Language – Secondary 5
  • Mathematics – Secondary 4

Special admission conditions


Course schedule

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T : Theory
L : Laboratories
P : Personal

My future in Forestry


  • Businesses or organizations specializing in forest resource management or exploitation
  • Government services
  • Education establishments
  • Private woodlot owners’ associations
  • You can also open your own business and become a self-employed worker
  • Environmental Consultation Firms

For information

Service aux clienteles
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