Springboard to DSC


Technical sheet

Diploma: Pre-university

Duration: 3 semesters

Quota: no

Offered at: English Section


Unsure which program to choose? Missing a few requirements? Enjoy a first college experience and explore the various opportunities available to you. Check out the different disciplines we offer and complete courses you need to be admitted into a specific program. You also have access to individualized academic support to help you make the transition to college successful.

Why study here

  • With individual support from your own teacher-tutor who, if you’re enrolled in the Studying at college course, you will learn how to use all the tools you’ll need to improve your study methods and guidance approach.
  • There’s a Support Centre where you can get help in French, mother-tongue English, second-language English and math.

This pathway is for you if...

You’re still thinking about what fields of study you might be interested in;

  • You’d like to explore courses that are offered in various programs;
  • You haven’t finished the pre-requisite courses you need for admission to another program;
  • You’d like to build your study techniques and improve your academic performance;
  • You experienced some difficulty while you were at secondary school and you’re worried about studying at college;
  • You’re missing six or more credits you need for your secondary school diploma; or
  • The program you’ve chosen is offered outside the region but you’d like to complete the general portion of the program in your home region.

Enrol in a pre-university or technical program once you’ve finished your springboard pathway or at the end of your first term.

General admission conditions

To be eligible for college, you have to meet the following conditions:

Hold a secondary school diploma or hold a secondary school vocational diploma and have successfully completed the following courses:

  • Language of Instruction – Secondary 5
  • Second Language – Secondary 5
  • Mathematics – Secondary 4

Special admission conditions


Course schedule

Legend →
T : Theory
L : Laboratories
P : Personal
Course numberCourse TitlePonderation

session 1

(29 hours/week)
    109-101-MQ Physical Activity and Health 1 1 1
    360-RE1-GA Étudier au cégep 1 2 3
    602-CGE-R4 French S. L. Common GE 1 2 3
    603-101-MQ Introduction to College English 2 2 4
    345-101-MQ Knowledge 3 1 3
    COM-001-03 Elective course 1 2 1 3
        105-003-RE Mise à niveau pour Science et technologie de l'environnement de la 4e secondaire 4 1 3
        201-016-RE Mise à niveau pour Mathématique, séquence Technico-sciences de la 4e secondaire 2 3 3

session 2

(28 hours/week)
    109-102-MQ Physical Activity and Effectiveness 0 2 1
    602-PGE-R4 French S. L. Applied GE 1 2 3
    603-102-MQ Literary Genres 2 2 3
    COM-002-03 Elective course 2 2 1 3
        201-015-RE Mise à niveau pour Mathématique, séquence Technico-sciences de la 5e secondaire 4 2 4
        202-001-RE Mise à niveau pour Chimie de la 5e secondaire 3 2 3
        203-001-RE Mise à niveau pour Physique de la 5e secondaire 3 2 3

session 3

(9 hours/week)
    109-103-MQ Physical Activity and Autonomy 1 1 1
    345-102-MQ World Views 3 0 3
    603-103-MQ Literary Themes 2 2 3

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